Peoria Area Company Helping to Create the Mailbox of the Future


(Originally published by iBi. Story by Ryan Lazarus and Andrew Hoerr) INTEGRIS, a Peoria area company that focuses on creating prototypes and finished products, is partnering with Valqari, a company in the southwest suburbs, to create a receiver for drone deliveries. After Amazon announced last year that they would be attempting to create a drone delivery system for package shipping, many companies began testing for drone delivery systems. Valqari, however, immediately got to work on a patent for a drone receiving system which would allow for safe and standardized drone landing spots. They interviewed several of the best firms in Chicago, but ultimately decided to partner with East Peoria’s INTEGRIS Engineering, despite the five-hour round trip for regular meetings.”Valqari chose INTEGRIS for their versatile engineering capabilities across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, med-tech and mining. Their ability to deliver prototypes and finished goods as an outcome of their engineering expertise was another major differentiating factor.”

Together the companies have developed the RCVR-PAD, which wirelessly communicates with drones and allows for safe delivery of packages. The RCRV-PAD also contains security measures to defend against package theft. Future models will also contain climate control systems. Valqari and INTEGRIS continue to develop and iterate the RCVR-PAD to prepare it for beta testing across the globe in early 2019.

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