Bradley Professors Working to Harness RF Energy

(Story published by Jonathan Wright in iBi magazine)

Dr. Prasad Shastry, Dr. Brian Huggins, a group of industry leaders, and Bradley graduate students are working to harness RF or radio frequency waves and convert them DC energy.

All wireless devices contain small antennas and radio frequency circuits (microchips). Antennas enable the transmission and reception of signals in the air. RF circuits perform various functions such as boosting the energy in the signal. Dr. Shastry, Dr. Brian Huggins, and their students are working to harvest the energy in RF signals already present in the air, or deliberately radiated for the purpose of power transfer. This allows for wireless charging of devices.

“The harvested energy can be converted to DC energy and used to charge batteries in devices located in remote areas or even in hazardous environments,” Dr. Shastry explains.

This research is cutting edge in the field of radio frequency and microwaves. It requires specialized expertise and state-of-the art equipment.

“To have all of this coming together in a medium-sized university in a medium-sized city makes it even more commendable,” Shastry says. “The beneficiaries of these endeavors are firstly the industries that can use these devices; then undoubtedly Bradley University, and especially the students of the engineering program who, when they successfully complete their undergraduate and graduate programs, are able to work in top companies in their fields—confident that they have received a stellar education second to none.”